A mosaic of mirrored pieces

Shattered into a thousand million pieces

Like sand on a beach,

Pieces of a broken mirror,

Myriads of reflected images

Of pain – of the past –

In each imperfect surface.

Each one a puzzle to be solved

Glued into a imperfection,

A collage of life lived,

Like a hall of mirrors

Where reflections

Repeat into eternal infinity.

Where there is no apparent exit,

No way without seeing

A shadow of yourself,

Cast by your memory onto glass.

Your chore, to take each piece

Each mirror and form them

Turn them into a glitter ball,

Something to reflect the light

Of your memories to all.

Turn your past turmoil

Into a glittering, shining beautiful

Jewel for all to see.

Be that beacon of hope

And your pain will lessen

As you share yourself

With the world!

Poetry, Words

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