Today is when we celebrate her life. When people come together once more to say thank you to her for who she was and what she gave to us. Inside I still hurt, more than anyone could ever know, I find myself on the edge of breaking down more than anyone could ever know but………

It is the night that is the hardest
In the quiet of impenetrable darkness,
When the Earth sleeps,
And the sun hides her face,
When all things sleep,
And nothing is moving,
That I miss your presence.

It is when I lie in that darkness,
When the cold night breeze
blows trhough a broken window,
When the noises of the dark
are at their loudest,
That I miss the sound of your breath.

It is when I sleep and dream,
When I wonder where you are
And what you dream about,
When the night surrounds me
And the dreams are dark,
That I need you to hold me close.

It is when I weep in the night,
In the quiet of the dark
As teh cold winds blow,
And as I dream,
That I want you to hold me,
To give me comfort,
In my dreams.

Life, Love, Poetry

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  1. Every moment of a new day you lan hold your Nicola with such love and commitment of the life you shared together.
    Tomorrow a time of sorry for you and your

    But you will be as one till take time you hold one another once more.
    Our hearts gose out to you on this very delicate
    Time. X

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