Everything is love, even grief
Everything is made better, more whole
When wrapped in the wings of love
Even when those wings no longer fly.
Memories of long ago shine brighter
Like distant stars, because of love.
Visions of you are clearer, because of love.
The feeling of hope in a once dead future
Grows stronger, because of love.
The loneliness of loss, that aching,
That sheer emptiness, is made less
By love.
The intrusive thoughts of you
As the day moves, are welcomed, for love.
Somehow there is strength, often hidden,
Welling up, to make us stand taller
Face the mad, mad world with grace,
Everything is better, even grief.
Because of love.
Love, Poetry

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  1. Beautiful. Your poems seem to be moving ever deeper with ever more truth and wisdom. You have a gift Ian. Thank you for sharing it with us xx

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