a broken mirror image of a girls eyes

Hating something that was God-given,
Wishing herself dead.
The shame she felt too much
Driving herself insane.
And not a doctor or a shrink
had a minute to think
or spend to make her see.
“Beautiful girls don’t eat” she said
And posted on the scar of our society
For all her world to see,
She wanted to end her life
Even set a date, ate her tea, went out
alone, crying boredom.
And when they found her,
And everything found out.
They tried to figure out,
Why someone so young
Could do this.
There was so much,
So much to live for.
But somewhere,
Somewhere inside,
There was a cancer.
There was a poisoned chalice
Filled with self loathing,
And filled with the tears of the world.

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