The whole of your life shudders,
Your body may too,
As the waves of emotional power
Surge through you!

There are thoughts raging through
Your head and life,
Nothing you do to stop them
Cutting like a knife!

Your emotions are askewed,
You life a mess,
You want to give it all away,
Just feel much less!

This emotional earthquake you feel
Makes life move,
You need to find a stability,
Something to prove!

These waves of pure love or hate,
Catastrophic fear,
Making you hide in the shadows of life,
From things held dear!

Yet the waves of emotional power pass,
Their surges wane,
You stand – tall, proud, alive,
Ready to start again!

Poetry, Words

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  1. Your strength and Nicolas devine memories, give Us all the reason for another day to step forward into another day ahead.
    Another beautiful poem .lan.
    Thank you.x

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