Whilst we search the stars, people all over the world drink unsafe water.

Conspicuous consumption,

No barriers to your dog like drinking,

you come without morals,

or moral objections

to wallowing in muddy waters of stuff

That we don’t really need,

As they wallow in muddy waters,

Drinking dirt, like dogs,

Sucking up the stuff of death

That should give them life.

Whilst we search the stars,

They die of thirst, and starve.

Human? Animal?

Who is what, I wonder?

The conspicuous consumer?

Looking to the stars

Devoid of the humanity to save them.

The animal like drinker in the mud?

Who would give their last everything

Even as they die of quenchable thirst.

Human? Humanity is dead.

It died on the rack of

Conspicuous consumption.

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